The Northern Review is an online culture and ideas magazine based on the premise that all culture should be taken seriously. We publish writing that is both detailed and wide-ranging, making no distinction between supposedly ‘high’ and ‘low’ culture. Based in North East England, The Northern Review provides reflective and critical coverage of the area’s culture, which is frequently overlooked by other media outlets. Yet although The Northern Review is based in and therefore has a slant towards the North East, its coverage is by no means restricted to this area. We welcome writing from anywhere and on any cultural topic, our only requirements being that it is interesting.

Editor: Hazel Rowland

Section Editors

Art: Sidrah Zubair
Books: Inès Boulaigue and Kaia Keyser
Dance: Kennedy Cassy
Diplomatics: Tom Spencer
Film: Daniel Gronow
Gaming: Josh McKinnon
Piece of Mind: Inès Lefebvre du Prey
Politics: Jessica Harpin
Pop culture: Eleanor Jane and Kat Menhennet
Society: Natasja Nicklinson